Optimal Height for a Baby MobileArranging a children's room is a very responsible task. All parents strive to create the most comfortable environment for their babies. However, it is important to remember that many accessories depicted in cute photos in design magazines can carry hidden dangers for a child.

Do you need to equip a bedroom for a newborn? In this case, you can't do without a children's mobile. When choosing a model, be sure to follow the basic safety rules. Without exaggeration, the health and life of the baby depend on them.

Optimal Height for a Baby Mobile

Practicing pediatricians recommend placing the mobile at least twelve inches from the baby. The fact is that due to age-related features of vision, young children have a poor ability to distinguish objects located in close proximity.

Another important point is the mobility and activity of children over the age of two months. They begin to explore the world around them and eventually try to reach all the objects located around them. If the baby mobile hangs too low above the crib, the baby can grab onto it and drop it on themselves.

The results of falling can be very different β€” from a slight fright and abrasions to the most tragic consequences. They depend on the size and weight of the structure. To prevent such situations, do not hang the mobile too close to the child and control its position during the day.

Organic Felt Mobile - Llamas and Π‘actus

Until What Age Can a Baby Mobile Hang over a Crib?

The baby mobile can hang until the child begins to easily reach it with his/her hands. On average, it is used for up to six months.

What to do with a children's mobile when the child has grown up? There are two main options:

  • Completely stop using the device. Remove it, pack it, and store it out of the reach of the baby or give it to friends who have a newborn baby.
  • Raise the mobile above the crib so that it is out of reach of the baby. Many parents of grown children attach it to the wall or even to the ceiling.

Benefits of Organic Baby Mobiles

Many baby supplies are made with substances that are potentially hazardous to health. With constant contact with them, general well-being is disturbed, and various diseases occur. Organic baby mobiles by ChilDreams are made only from high-quality natural materials. They will be the best solution for every child, especially in the presence of allergic diseases.

Are you looking for a baby felt mobile for a newborn? Remember that the quality of accessories and toys for babies should be as high as possible. Safe modern mobiles made from natural materials are the best way to take care of a defenseless baby.Β