Felt crib  mobile for baby
Fairy Nursery baby mobile

The moment when you take your newborn child to your home is accompanied by the need to purchase not only clothes, strollers, and rattles but also specialized accessories for the children's room. One of them is a children's mobile.

The classic accessory has remained popular for many years. Why do you need a mobile and how to choose the right one? Let's find out!

Features of Baby Felt Mobiles

What distinguishes newborns from older children? Complete helplessness and dependence on adults. However, parents may also need a minute or two to do household chores or simply have a rest in silence. It is the mobile that will help to cope with different tasks, creating a cozy environment for the baby and providing a much-needed sense of security.

With children's crib mobile, you will be able to:

  • Put the baby to sleep in a matter of minutes and maintain the optimal environment for a full restful sleep.
  • Entertain the child using the mobile as the first educational toy.
  • Keep your little one busy for an extra 10 minutes of sleep, make breakfast, or take a shower.

A children's mobile is a reliable assistant to parents and a stylish decoration for a child's room. Let's see how to choose the right one.

Rules for Choosing a Children's Mobile

We offer you simple tips to help you choose a beautiful, safe, and durable mobile for your baby. Follow them, and the purchase will bring you only positive emotions.

Choose products made from natural materials

Organic materials that are used to make mobiles are a guarantee of comfort for the baby and peace of mind for parents. In the production of such models, plastic and other components that can release chemicals hazardous to health are not used.

Organic baby mobiles can be safely hung over the crib for a long time. They will not cause a deterioration in the child's well-being and the appearance of various diseases, including allergic ones. At the same time, such models remain excellent educational toys that provide visual stimulation, and for older kids, they develop fine motor skills.

For the manufacture of mobiles, we use only high-quality and absolutely safe materials β€” American, Korean, and Spanish felt. Our models can be used for babies from the first days of life.

Focus on the design of the children's room

Many parents, when arranging a children's room, try to adhere to a single style. It can be either following a certain color scheme or a specific theme. For example, the design of rooms for kids often includes elements with fairy-tale characters or animals.

A wide range of colors of materials allows us to easily realize any of your ideas. In our arsenal are more than 70 shades of felt. Contact us, and together, we will make your baby's nursery stylish and unique.

The best lullabies from music mobiles

The baby mobile located above the crib will lull the baby faster if it is equipped with a music block. Pleasant unobtrusive melodies will calm the child and help him/her relax and fall asleep.

We can add a music block to any of our mobiles. All you need is just to decide on the model!

Determine installation location

When choosing a model, be sure to consider the features of its fastening. Many parents prefer to place the mobile directly above the crib. But do not forget that you can also attach it to the wall or ceiling.

There is no single correct solution. The place of installation of the mobile is determined only by you, taking into account personal preferences and features of the interior of the children's room.

Why Do You Need Our Baby Mobile?

We have been tailoring children's mobiles since 2019 and have already pleased more than 3,500* kids from different parts of the world with unique products.

How did our story begin? I am a mother of two children, and I sewed the first mobile for them myself. Over time, needlework has turned into a full-fledged business that allows you to delight kids and their parents with original and safe accessories.

Each of our works is individual. It fully takes into account the wishes of parents, and the design of the children's room and is made by hand, not in a factory.

You will not find our mobiles in ordinary stores. The best advertising for them is grateful customer reviews, which confirm the high quality of products and the impeccable reputation of the company.

Are you looking for the best baby mobile, the memories of which will delight you and your child years later? We will make just one for you!

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